The Little Chippy

Fish and chips is loved and enjoyed by every generation, so why not indulge in the finest fish and chips AND COME visit THE LITTLE CHIPPY IN BENALMADENA

We’re passionate about great tasting food and are committed to producing consistently high quality products and delivering excellent customer service to all our customers.

We use ‘frozen-at-sea’ fish which is filleted and frozen within four hours of being caught. This retains the full flavour and the freshness of the fish, so whilst your fish and chips will undoubtedly taste fantastic, you can also enjoy them with a clear conscience, assured in the knowledge that our fish has come from a sustainable source. We use high quality potatoes which are of course famous for their crisp coating and soft, fluffy insides creating the perfect chip.  Potatoes can change almost week by week and at the little chippy we personally taste and select the best possible potatoes to ensure you will be getting the best possible chips.

We strive to achieve the finest flavours from our fish and chip range. Alternatively, try our highest quality whole-tail scampi with a freshly squeezed wedge of lemon as a tempting alternative.